The series of first-person shooter video games Doom, developed by id Software is now going to be hit in the Nintendo Switch. The company claims that the game is released in next month for the support of the Nintendo Switch all over the world. Although the game is not designed to enjoy all unique features compatible with Switch, but good enough for the experience with latest gaming console. The game not support the motion controls feature of the Switch. The game comes with limited capacity.

DOOM Switch 2 740x416 Doom developers say the game comes with limited motion control with Nintendo Switch features

According to the report, a couple of hours ago, a new gameplay video of the game is leaked online. The video showing the game’s controls settings feature an option for motion controls. The company confirm that the features is for to perform melee attacks or Glory Kills the special actions in Doom. According to Nintendo World Report, the developers of the DOOM talks about the game on Nintendo Switch, the developer stated as:

In a new id Software developer video released today by Nintendo, creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton discuss the many features that players will experience in DOOM on Nintendo Switch, including the full single-player campaign (with all difficulty modes), Arcade Mode, and the entire suite of Multiplayer maps and modes, including all previously released DLC content. They also go into further depth about working with developer Panic Button to ensure DOOM on Nintendo Switch feels as fast, brutal, and true to the experience gamers have loved on other platforms.

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