The recent advancements in Surface Book might have allured various people to replace MacBook, there are still die hard fans who suggest that this switch be considered after a very serious thought.

Screenshot 18 Don’t throw away MacBook for Surface Book, an advice from a user


Although comparatively expensive, MacBook is still attached to many hearts.

Let see how his mixed views portray the whole scene.

  • There is a difference in the operating systems of the two gadgets – macOS and Windows
  • Although numerous changes have taken place in Surface, the OS still an issue that deters users.
  • This switch can be good as you might enjoy iTunes, iCloud and iPhone, along with previous features.
  • However, switching varies case to case, as I might find it easy but not everyone else.
  • self -education is extremely important.
  • One might issues with peripherals of Surface like mouse and keyboard etc; similarly, product ads and other third party apps can disrupt you. However, these issue are not fixed with Windows only. They can raise their heads in others as well.
  • Most importantly, price is the main indicator that will ensure your right decision; because tech differences are less but prices really vary: a difference of £1,000 ($1,218.31).

Screenshot 19 Don’t throw away MacBook for Surface Book, an advice from a user


At the end, being a neutral user, he suggests that switching from Apple to Microsoft is not a stroll in the park. One must get enough information and education and adapt himself/herself to it.

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