Rainbow Six: Siege has been a great success and the season 2 is just around the corner. The upcoming season’s Operation White Noise has already been revealed and a teaser for an upcoming map, Mok Myeok is also a part of the recent revelations. While the teaser and map announcement were enough to serve the purpose, Ubisoft showed just something more than expected in a recent official blog post.

gnhd9nzetuxy Rainbow Six: Siege gets a new attacker named Dokkaebi in its upcoming season

What Does The Blog Say?

No, it doesn’t say ting ding ding ding… It says that the new operator will be named as Dokkaebi. Although the video has been removed from YouTube, it seems like many of the people have already seen it and grasped the idea. The name Dokkaebi comes from an attacker belonging to South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion. The “stubborn and daring” attacker actually hacked her way into the organization in a matter of days, simply to say “Hello, Rainbow Six.”

The Attacker

Dokkaebi Rainbow Six Siege White Noise 1 Rainbow Six: Siege gets a new attacker named Dokkaebi in its upcoming season

A lot remains unknown regarding the final look of Dokkaebi but one thing is clear that it’s all about the gadgets displayed on her body. Obviously, this attacker is famous for her hacking skills, so this gadget must be somehow related to some form of hacking. Lucien Soulban, the Lead Writer of the game says:

We wanted an operator who went against the type. Put an assault rifle in her hand and she’s deadly, but use her special ability and the enemy team is in her crosshairs.


Hopefully, we’ll get deeper into this with the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League Finals rolling out on November 19th.

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