We have been following the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmarks for a long time for all the good reasons but there is something fishy that we have come across. Who would be better than the real-life overclockers to review the flaws of a benchmark system so Ronaldo Buassali who comes from GALAX has shown the real story behind the fake 3DMark TimeSpy benchmarks.

3dmark timespy async How to cheat a 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark? Ronaldo Buassali explains in a video

Ronaldo Buassali’s Video

Ronaldo Buassali published a video that demonstrates what is going on in the world of benchmarks and how one can conceal driver settings modifications to reach higher scores. Rule out 3DMark from this whole scenario but what about the others? According to Ronaldo, he managed to reach the total score of 12638 and graphics score of 13278 in Time Spy but after applying the settings that he is claiming, the score rose up to 12951 / 13800 respectively. Here’s the video:

Futuremark has replied to the fiasco:

This method was indeed reported to us by GALAX before and based on that report we currently have internally implemented and tested a fix that is now in our release pipeline.

I don’t have a solid public release date we can commit to at this point, but it should be in the near future.

As for detecting this cheat with previously submitted results – when this was originally reported by Galax we were able to manually distinguish the example boosted results from normal runs they made by comparing the detected GPU clock speeds during the benchmark run to the frame rates, so it’s not completely undetectable although it does pass the current automatic check. Existing results will be checked on a case-by-case basis as deemed necessary and invalidated if found suspicious.

Going forward, our Hall of Fame will require this both this System Info update and also a client update as soon as they are released.

As this method has now been made public it is probable that no scores will be accepted into the Halls of Fame until the new version with the fix is released.

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