An argument is taking place between the Recording Industry Association of America and other rights with US copyright regulators to work on the “antiquated” DMCA takedown. All of them want to remove all the pirated content from the internet services.  Authors Guild asked ISPs to monitor and filter Internet of pirated goods.

getty bills DMCA Is Not Good  RIAA Now Wants ISPs To Filter Pirated Content
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They all want the DMCA to must take a time-certain number of days or hours to remove these pirated content which is present under the DMCA. ” They said, “Even a very short window of infringement can be incredibly damaging for pre-release or newly-released material,”.

Some groups provide different solutions to such problem. One possible solution is when a service provider receives any notice to take down any pirated site then the service provider must use the technology of automated content identification. This will stop the same site to upload this type of work again in future.

This type of systems always have some problems, however, and they tried to solve problems by starting with the rightsholders. For example, Google, for example, told the Copyright holders on this Tuesday that in January, they were asked to remove some links. Now more than 99 percent of them are not present in their search engine index. So they will not show in the first place. They are almost about 16.5 million URLs.

Still, Google-owned YouTube filters content via its Content ID system. Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and Twitch deploy the copyright compliance service, Audible Magic.

getty security DMCA Is Not Good  RIAA Now Wants ISPs To Filter Pirated Content
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This isn’t happening the first time and neither it is the last time that the internet content industry has again called for filtering pirated content. The Authors Guild, who is one of the top writer’s groups in the nation, urged the US Congress in 2015 to overlook copyright law and make ISPs to filter and monitor to control pirated materials from the internet, including e-books too. some years ago, some other groups like the RIAA’s cinematic counterpart and the Motion Picture Association of America had also argued for filters.

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