1 6 Digital Foundry has revealed an official Xbox One X game benchmarks that Microsoft sent to developers 

Digital Foundry has posted an article and also a video on their YouTube channel about the Xbox One X game benchmarks. The benchmarks are not the typical kind of PC benchmarks where you have got title, average, maximum and minimum frames per second. What you find there is fix analysis which is a tool that Microsoft uses to analyze the bottlenecks and according to this big data, it shows how long does it take to render a frame in any particular game. And if you have this data you can say what sort of framerate this game may work roughly.

We want to focus on Forza Motorsport 7 in this particular reason because this game is the best optimized game for Xbox One X, it’s fully Direct X 12. They were reporting this game from Xbox One to Xbox One X and on original Xbox One it take 30 milliseconds to actually render the one particular frame, which will equate in theory roughly around 75 Frames per second. Although on Xbox One X the very same frame in 4k and it took Xbox One X only 11 milliseconds. Xbox One X runs in 4k so, 4 times the pixel count. The Xbox One X actually renders the frame faster by 2 milliseconds than original Xbox One.

What that means?

If developers were not to change any graphical settings Xbox One X version of Forza Motorsport 7 could in theory run at 90 Frames Per Second. However, that’s not going to happen because it’s just basically a waste of resources because all of the TV’s are 60 frames per second so, you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

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15 1 Digital Foundry has revealed an official Xbox One X game benchmarks that Microsoft sent to developers 

That fits in very well into what Digital Foundry was talking about two months ago when they revealed Xbox One X specs that the GPU with 4k textures and 4k native resolution at 60 frames per second uses only roughly around 65 percent of the GPU and there’s like 35 percent spare resources that can actually be used for the stuff like better graphics and these benchmarks actually confirms that.

What will probably happen is that the game will be locked to 60 frames per second on Xbox One X and Xbox One S as well and the spare GPU resources will be actually used for better graphics, better lighting, better shadows and better graphical fidelity overall.