12 2 Digital Foundry: AMDs Ryzen CPU being used for the PS5 and the next Xbox and being a real game changer for the consoles 

Digital Foundry has published a video today about the upcoming next-gen consoles (PS5 and next Xbox). Both consoles will come with next-gen CPU, no more Jaguar Cores. Digital Foundry has released interesting benchmarks recently and these benchmarks were on PC.

They were using Ryzen CPU with 8 Cores, down-clock to 3.0 ghz because they suspect that the next-gen consoles will maybe clock at 3.0 ghz because we have seen the same kind of percentage jump from PlayStation to PlayStation 4 Pro and also from Xbox One to Xbox One X.

If Ryzen CPU and 8 cores will be clocked at 3.0 ghz that’s going to be a real boost in terms of CPU performance on consoles. And those benchmarks on PC has shown at least 300 to 400 % boost in terms of FPS.

But bear in mind running games on Ryzen CPU and the games like Just Cause 3, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Witcher 3 none of these games have Ryzen optimization for PC. Because when those games were created Ryzen was not on the market but now they will probably take better advantage of Ryzen CPU’s.

On top of that we are talking about PC so, obviously on consoles those benchmarks would be even better.

What does it mean for next-gen consoles? 

Digital Foundry speculated already that it’s going to happen that we will get better framerates. And we know that both consoles giants focus on graphics but when it comes to FPS they will go for Ryzen because it’s cheaper and powerful.

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