Internet become the most preferable medium for the communication. Thousands of people are connected with one an other nationally and internationally by internet. With the change in the technologies, some of countries improve the internet services, rest of countries needs to work on the internet fast speed.

Usually, internet speed have two metrics in bandwidth allocation that is measured in the Megabits per seconds for the downloading and uploading of the data. Have you ever knowledge about which of the country have the fastest internet? Let take a look at the countries that have the quickest internet services.

maxresdefault 6 Did you know about top 5 Countries with the quickest internet speed?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is rated on the top of the world countries having the quickest internet speed. On average, the country broadband services have 54.1 Mbps speed of the downloading and uploading the data. You can download a Full High definition movie with in 83 seconds.

South Korea

South Korea have fastest internet service speed after the Hong Kong. However, average of the download broadband speed is about 48.8 Mbps. You can download one HD quality movie with in just 92 seconds.


Japan is working on the technology to overcome the technologies in the world. The country have download speed of 42.2 Mbps on average. You can download a full High Definition film with in 106 seconds.


Latvia is a small country rich in the internet technology. The average speed of internet connection is 37.5 Mbps. The average download speed of a High definition movie is about 120 seconds.


Romania is considered on the fifth position in the internet quickest speed of connections between the users. Romania internet connectivity is about 37.4 Mbps and a download speed of a HD movie is about 120 seconds.


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