The recently announced iOS 11 has captured the attention of many while the company hasn’t even released the full version yet. As more comes to the scene about iOS 11, the conventional war between Android and Apple users has started the parade. Apple users are excited about the new release which allows them to access a bunch of features which are totally new for Apple users while the Android users claim that these features have been a part of their smartphones since ages. So to minimize the war, it seems like Apple has copied some of the features which are the specialty of Samsung and Android.

ios11beta Apple copied a lot of features from Samsung and Android in general in the iOS 11

Features Inherited From Android

The first impression of copying that arouses in everyone’s mind is the one-handed keyboard update. If looked closely, both iPhone and Android users are now using the same look and features. This means that the features are copied by Apple as it is the later one to come.
Moreover, the screenshot tool provides editing tools similar to those on Samsung’s devices in addition to the previously offered features like showing an identical thumbnail of the screenshot at the bottom of the screen. Some critiques also say that the ‘Quick Actions’ option that used to be a part of the Android view is now added in the iOS too.

quick action grid Apple copied a lot of features from Samsung and Android in general in the iOS 11

Other Copied Ideas

iOS 11 has introduced a feature that allows you to make a video of whatever is happening on your screen and this is a very good idea for recording tutorials etc. But this feature has been a part of Samsung since quite a long time.
Also, inspired from the Android OS, the iOS 11 has introduced the Notifications options which allow the users to hide previews on the lock screen. The “Offload Apps” feature of the iOS 11 is also very helpful in automatically emptying the cache by killing the apps running in the background but did you notice that iOS has been doing this for ages?

Rumors have been gliding around for some time that Apple is conveying remote charging to the iPhone 8