A report from DFC intelligence released this week predicted that the Nintendo Switch console will sell 40 million units by the end of 2020 .
The predict number are three time bigger than Wii U consoles sold in last four years. 
According to the latest count by Nintendo the company sold 13.36 millions Wii U consoles so far .

nintendo switch 1024x569 DFC Analyst: Nintendo Switch to sell 40 Million consoles by 2020

With the statement the company believe that it can sell  the same amount of console as Sony PlayStation 4 sold in the last years.

A year ago PlayStation 4 exceed 40 million sales, in the last 3 years and so far Sony has sold more than 50 millions units of PS4 . PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling and dominating console in market .

DFC Intelligence head David Cole said in the report that : “The Switch is a compelling piece of hardware that could potentially reach a much larger addressable market. However given the limited software and Nintendo’s poor recent track record of introducing new products we have tempered our forecasts to be conservative.”

3184331 switch11 DFC Analyst: Nintendo Switch to sell 40 Million consoles by 2020

Nintendo said that more that 2 million Nintendo console will be available worldwide with 6 different games at its Launch. 

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3, that will  $300. On the other hand Nintendo has confirmed that there will be no video-streaming services available at launch; so no Netflix.


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