So all those who were amazed by the Devil May Cry 5 leak last month, the director of the game has something even more interesting for you all. The leaks said that Hideaki Itsuno, the name behind DMC 2, 3 and 4 is also going to be the one behind this edition. Even Itsuno showed up on Twitter claiming to have completed his secret new game:

It seems like Itsuno knows the disappointment that the DMC fans have after constant delays following the E3 2017. But as it goes, everything happens for our own good, things have changed a lot from how we were expecting them to be. Devil May Cry HD collection is on its way to the PC and there definitely is a room for the franchise to roll out an entirely new game which is soon going to happen.

When is it Coming?

The most valid question here with a not so simple answer! Devil May Cry 5 might be out by or during E3 this year. The release month is supposed to be November but we haven’t come up with an exact date.

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