Prepare for a few changes, odd ones. Web designer Wix has purchased online art gallery DeviantArt for $36 million.

The 16-year-old art website and the freemium site manufacturer finalized the negotiations on February 22. Wix said in an announcement that it plans to enhance DeviantArt’s platform, particularly the mobile application.

wix deviantart.0 DeviantArt and Wix collaborate to create artsiest websites in history

DeviantArt’s 40 million enlisted users will see positive changes, guaranteed Wix. The two websites will cooperate to give the makers who call DeviantArt home another tool stash to assemble their group of onlookers and reach. Bloomberg reports Wix arrangements to coordinate the two websites to make it more simple for artists to make their own sites.

Wix communicated adoration for its new purchase:

DeviantArt is reliably a standout amongst the most visited sites worldwide and has developed naturally for over 10 years with virtual investment in marketing or advertising.

Wix president Nir Zohar revealed to Reuters that the company is making a paid membership service particularly for specialty users like professional picture takers and musicians.

DeviantArt won’t be just the single one to benefit from what they obtained. Wix will give its clients access to deviants and their art for site-building and outline. This further adds to Wix’s varied suite of building instruments, including recently presented Artificial Design Intelligence.

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