Minecraft is probably one of the most loved games of all times and this time, the Twitch users have been lucky as Microsoft announced the upcoming Minecraft Bedrock Edition on online streaming service. The game was revealed in a 2-hour long session for Switch.

60938 13 minecraft bedrock edition switch 2hr reveal Minecraft Bedrock Edition   The Twitch users saw a 2 hour long content play!

“Mostly Done”

That’s what the company is claiming about the Switch edition of Minecraft Bedrock. You’ll be able to witness the game in a matter of days as it is undergoing some final touches by the developers.

The quality assurance team is working to finalize the improvements before the release. The Bedrock Edition is a good option for the local players with a remote connectivity for their Switch console, without the option of Wi-Fi. If this happens, it will certainly be a great news for the development team as they claim that they are:

Taking a lot of extra care with trying to make sure that this launch is really smooth, that the world conversion system works really well for people, and that migrating over from Editions is an easy transition for you to make.

Click here to watch the full live stream session of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for the Switch console.

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