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AMD EPYC 7000 series is due to be released today! Checkout what the latest processor series has got for you

AMD EPYC 7000 series

is firing bullets one after another. Just when the Ryzen series and Threadripper got all the attention because of their amazing benchmarks and usage in different scenarios, the American company has decided to launch the next series named EPYC and the details have already been leaked out.

When is it Coming?

Today! How sweet is that? Yes! AMD has announced the date for the release and that is today, the 20th of June. In addition to the release date, we got the headlines regarding its important features too!


Though the below-mentioned specs are not officially released, some tech enthusiasts at Videocardz have somehow managed to get a copy of the official presentation. According to the presentation, following are the specs of EPYC 7000 series:

  • Up to 32 high-performance Zen cores
  • 8 DDR4 Channels per CPU
  • Up to 2TB of memory per CPU
  • 128PCIe lanes
  • A dedicated security subsystem
  • An integrated chipset along with both single and dual-socket designs
  • TDPs range from 120W all the way up to 180W

Price Group and Performance Comparison

As per the leaks pouring in, we will witness 12 EPYC SKUs in total and the prices start from 400 USD and can hike up to 4000 USD. Wondering what the $4000 EPYC 7601 will be capable of? Well, the reports suggest that it has a 47 percent performance advantage over the Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4. Also, comparing the $1700 EPYC 7401 we came to know that it has a 53 percent advantage over the Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4.

More Money Doesn’t Mean Best Performance

Yeah! I know that this line is generally not true as per the norms where you get the quality and performance bar higher as you invest more. Quite interestingly, the $800 EPYC 7301 has the largest advantage with a 70 percent boost over Intel’s E5-2640 v4. To check out more, stay tuned till the detailed reviews are coming your way.

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