The company Samsung comes up with a new “8-Point Battery Safety Check” processed in tow. Aims to avoid the issues for the future like the disaster of Galaxy Note 7. As Samsung has launched an impressive flagship with state of the art specifications, but soon it turned out to be a massive liability because of the battery explosion. As recalled by the product, Samsung was forced to issue the relaunch of the device with a different battery.

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After the exploding batteries, Galaxy Note 7 recalls for the real difficult position as the company conducted major investigations into the affair and it leaked out the official result of Galaxy Note 7 probe, selecting the two major flaws that caused the explosion leading it to the two Galaxy Note 7.

The Manufacturing Process being reassessed

The fiasco of the whole new Galaxy Note 7 induced Samsung to reassess the process of manufacturing to ensure that it is the device safe for the future and the company now has come up with 8-point Battery Safety Check. To ensure the new process, the reliability and safety of Samsung device will require a more rigorous set of battery inspection and test.

Safety Check of Samsung`s 8-Point Battery

“Since the Galaxy Note 7 review, we’ve re-evaluated each progression of the cell phone fabricating process and built up the 8-Point Battery Safety Check,” says Samsung. “It includes putting our batteries through outrageous testing, all around, trailed via watchful examination by X-beam and the human eye. We are making a more grounded duty to more secure gadgets.” As a major aspect of this more thorough testing process, Samsung will first direct a solidness test, pushing the battery as far as possible to perceive the amount it can persevere.

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This incorporates cheating the battery, puncturing it with a nail, and subjecting it to outrageous temperatures. The organization will direct a visual review and also X-beam the batteries so that Samsung designers can locate any potential anomalies inside the units. Samsung will likewise charge and release the batteries over and again, on an extensive scale, and direct a Total Volatile Organic Compound test to further check the batteries’ perseverance. Next up, organization designers will dismantle the battery units to evaluate their quality, including the condition of the battery tab welding and protection tape – two basic parts of a sheltered battery.

To recreate quickened utilization by gadget proprietors, the organization will lead an escalated test to perceive how the batteries passage. Ultimately, a Delta Open Circuit Voltage test will check if there’s any adjustment in the batteries’ voltage all through the assembling procedure, from the minute they hit sequential construction systems until the last item is made.

The more vigorous Battery Safety Check will ensure that Samsung Galaxy S8 and all the other devices being produced will not pose any threats as Galaxy Note 7.