Destiny 2 is among those games which were long-anticipated by the gamers but analysts have a bad news for all its lovers. The issue was raised by Cowen analyst Doug Creutz who talked about the Destiny 2’s issues which could affect Activision’s future fiscal performance.

Destiny 2 server maintenance offline 912017 Cowen analyst Doug Creutz highlights the core issues that are bringing down the level of our beloved Destiny 2

The Issues

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 since it came out, you must have noticed the problems with player engagement (What’s the point of playing it then?) Besides, the microtransactions virus has also affected the game that was beloved to a big chunk of the games’ society. Who would prefer the game when you have Epic’s Fortnite and Bluehole’s PUBG in the competition? Here are some of the key problems of Destiny 2, as underlined by Doug Creutz:

  • Design decisions were made that have made D2 a less engaging, and less distinctive, game than D1. In particular, key aspects of the D2 end game feel neutered compared to D1.
  • Microtransaction implementation, while not nearly as problematic as in Star Wars Battlefront 2, has still been a source of player unhappiness.
  • Bungie’s [the studio that developed the game] apparent urgency in responding to player feedback has been disappointing.
  • Until recently, Bungie did a poor job communicating its roadmap going forward, particularly compared to the more open stance of many other live service games.

Creutz, in a letter to its clients, said that:

While Call of Duty: WWII clearly had a great holiday, which likely sets up strong franchise live services revenue in 2018, Destiny 2 is struggling right now with player engagement appearing to be on the wane.

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