Suppose you are planning to meet your friend, you land on the Friday night flight from San Francisco to New York and the one you meeting up have already started the night out, instead of texting him to tell you the location where he is, take Uber with you into the city.

People can now send their location to others through using Uber by setting your Destination. Its not a place Unless someone think of people as places as the CEO of Uber does. Uber to person is the latest update for people now a days. With the use of Uber if you are going from one place to another for example a to b, the application will recognize the person and it will try to get to that place with the help of the app.

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Yuhki Yamashita the product manager of Uber said that it is rather simple to set up, users can choose to synchronize their contacts with the app. After going through that step, you can write up the person’s name instead of typing in an address “Where to”?. The mentioned person will receive a request to provide the current location of his. If the person doesn’t have Uber application in his mobile they can still approve the location of the person.

pexels photo 2 990x660 Having your destination, Uber now let you Be a Person not a Place.


Therefore on the static location Uber will lock the location or destination. It will expire in 30 minutes because it’s a one time location premises. The application will also send the estimated time of arrival of the rider once the destination is being set. They will get updates if they have Uber in their apps.

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This feature of Uber was mocked as being the part of the previous one back in November. In the press conference Kalanick said that the update is part of the mission of the company to help you “feel if your like living in the future”. Where’s that again? Where are you? Are the common lines we say in meeting up with out family and friends.

Uber redesigns app Having your destination, Uber now let you Be a Person not a Place.via:

Uber released a feature with Snapchat on Wednesday where user of the application can use exclusive filters, one of which also allows the people to share their estimated time of arrival with their friends and family. Uber has made its app more useful while riding. In the feed the integrations made about what you`re doing at your destination and whom you are going to be with.

Yamashita, as being the product manager oversaw the application redesign. Uber is rather Blunt that you are sharing your data and your location but the company was recently with a lawsuit over the issue of customer privacy. Lawsuit filed by a former forensic investigator for Uber alleged that employees spied on celebrities and ex-relationship partners.