A couple of years ago, Google initiated Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to make a fast and secure web pages over the internet. The company hires qualified AMP developers working for the better performance. The developers make different test for web based technology for better experiment.

The speed of the web pages also has been tested by the developers. Now the company is working soundly and announce to the next step by applying techniques learned from AMP. According to the report, Google in its blog post stated as:

We now feel ready to take the next step and work to support more instant-loading content not based on AMP technology in areas of Google Search designed for this, like the Top Stories carousel.

Multiple websites are not changing their web page designs that are basically derived from the AMP. The developers notice such websites and provides an AMP Platform for such users that will help them to make fast and latest designed web pages. Allows users to download web content faster and ask them to mention the part of a website other than the AMP technology based features.

VID welcome to my amp Derived information form AMP based techniques, Google AMP developers are applying knowledge for the next step

The latest working shows work integration from one website to another website even the non-AMP content. The hard work of AMP developers is enough confident in the progress of the web content and that may be the one of the reasons for going the next step. Moreover, from Google blog post it is stated as:

We now feel confident that with iframe performance isolation through site isolation or cooperative multitasking, web packaging, Feature Policies, iframe promotion, and a document opt-in, it’ll be possible to make such features available to non-AMP web content that implements those standards.

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