XPS 13 unveils the brand new version 3630 (Kaby Lake).

The newest version of XPS 13 is in public hands for the last few months. Let’s show you what you might not find everywhere.

You are unlikely to see major changes. However, some features have been upgraded that catch your attention. Particularly, CPU and GPU are equipped with new Kaby Lake. And most importantly, the new casing and finishing of the closure are pretty awesome! Besides, I’m moved by the sliced and thin edges that indicate its lighter weight.

Screenshot 1 8 Dell XPS 13 3630 (Kaby Lake)   something you might not ignore!

via: pcworld.com

Another worth noticing option is an addition of integrated fingerprint sensor. Likewise, it has support for Windows Hello, which is indeed hello to future.

Let’s have a glance over the chief specs.

RAM                              4-16 GB (LPDDR3)

SSD Storage                128-512 GB

Display                          1080p (non-touch) or

QHD+ (touch support)

Well this is in fact disappointing! Users might have expected that 1080p display would at least come with touch support, which didn’t. It would have been really a treat, as the system runs on Windows 10. This OS easily goes with any sort of touch feature, even if the device is 2-in-1.
Screenshot 2 5 Dell XPS 13 3630 (Kaby Lake)   something you might not ignore!

via: onmsft.com

Another factor that necessitates 1080p touch support is that it consumes least battery than its counterpart.

So what? Let’s wait for the next version.

Well if you dwell upon the specs of XPS 13, you would conclude that it is Core i5 or i7 CPU. It is a hybrid of beauty and performance.

via: youtu.be

So, it was just the initial comment. We are waiting for more detailed review. The new version has attraction to offer that would not go unnoticed by some of you.

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