Dell announces an attractive 86” touch screen display at a very reasonable price.

Screenshot 18 1 Dell unveils the huge 86 touch screen display at very reasonable price   the target is classrooms and conference rooms


The news of Microsoft’s launch of their new Surface Hub displays was yet in the upper ebbs when Dell brought its marvel into market. The earlier (Microsoft) targeted a massive range of 55″ and 84″ models with a touch screen feature, primarily aimed at providing technological convenience to commercial and education sectors. Their main feature is the provision of visualization of large projects, which is indeed generally not a privilege to be enjoyed at homes.

On the other hand, Dell has just released a new portfolio of its products that too focuses on the education market. The list contains Chromebooks, computing carts and notebooks and particularly, various large screens.


However, a surge of surprise hit everyone when they announced two new 4K 55″ and 86″ models in the series of herculean screens with much reasonable prices if compared with its counterpart.

Reportedly, these are to be considered alternatives for the previously popular chalkboard or overhead projector.

Interestingly, education is a field that is welcoming these types of technological advancement that can improve academic progress. Resultantly, various institutions have reportedly started accepting and using these screens. This new Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) technology with touch screen allowance is quickly becoming an integral part of their institutional fabric.

The previous versions of various products revealed several issues, i.e. limited touch capabilities, the requirement of an external projector and PC, which have been addressed in these new products.

Screenshot 19 2 Dell unveils the huge 86 touch screen display at very reasonable price   the target is classrooms and conference rooms


Both the brands -Dell and Microsoft – are putting up efforts to provide classrooms and conference rooms with such displays that have a variety of connectivity options and exclusively designed for large scale presentations to ensure that mutual interaction between multiple people is viable.

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The prices of these devices are as follows:

Dell 55” – $5,000

Dell 86″ – $11,000

Microsoft 55″ – $9,000

Microsoft 84” – $22,000.