Dell U4021QW Review: The premium monitor for an ultimate workstation

Dell U4021QW Review

The Dell U4021QW is known to be a curved ultrawide UHD display that provides any home or office space that it’s been placed with a premium look and an incredible visual performance. It has many ports that offer lots of input channels, and several applications can be easily tiled, making multitasking possible and simpler. It’s easy to modify the orientation of the display to make collaborating simpler, and Thunderbolt 3 and RJ45 ports make it an incredible connectivity hub. 

Dell U4021QW Design 

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The Dell U4021QW design is undoubtedly sleek, but as you know that it’s a Dell product, so it’s more about functionality rather than flash. The entire build-up of the monitor is plastic apart from its hardware, of course, but it feels firm and strong and not weak like other devices built with plastics usually do. Besides, the screen surface is also plastic, so you may be displeased with this device if you need a device that’s made highly from premium materials, such as aluminum and curved glass.

 The entire monitor’s ports are located below the back panel, facing downward, making it properly easy to connect via HDMI, Ethernet, DisplayPort, and USB connectors without much stress. The monitor’s tilt helps you access these easily without any issue. However, they’re appropriately high at the back panel that you will likely have to pull the monitor out toward the edge of the surface so that the needed port can be noticeable.

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The weight of the entire monitor and the stand is 20.94 pounds (13.8 kilos), while the base and the stand are huge enough to safely and firmly hold the ultrawide display to the desk. The base is adequately flat so that you can make use of that little surface for several office worker equipment. 

As regards the ultrawide aspect, with the monitor’s display stretching about 37.27 inches (94.66 centimeters), you’ll want to ensure that you have sufficient space for it. In contrast, you can adjust the height between 18.02 and 22.73 inches (I.e., 45.77 and 57.73 centimeters, respectively). The base is about 9.76 inches (24.79 centimeters). Hence, this monitor is appropriate for open-top desk surfaces, since most enclosed desktops possess little space to accommodate their dimensions. 

Dell U4021QW Performance

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Connect to productivity: With the Thunderbolt™ 3 and RJ45 that’s inside, this monitor will serve as a productivity device that will sufficiently provide a stable Ethernet and about 90W of power delivery that’s entirely in a disordered-free setup.

Lightning speed: The Thunderbolt™ 3 offers about 40Gbpsi, developing a compact port that does it all, such as providing the fastest and most versatile connection to any data peripheral, dock, or display.

Extensive connectivity: This monitor can easily connect to several devices with extensive connectivity options, such as DP1.4, Thunderbolt™ 3, super-speed USB 10Gbps, and HDMI. Also, super-speed USB 10Gbps and fast-access USB-C® ports easily placed at the front allow quick connection to peripherals, like storage devices and mobile phones, with about 15W charging capability (through USB-C).

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Improved manageability: Wake-on-LAN, PXE Boot, and MAC Address pass-through are built-in easily.

Effective Multitask: It connects two PC sources to your monitor without struggle. An intelligent Auto KVM function detects the second connected PC and coherently changes controls over. You can view content from both PC sources with Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP, and use KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) to control both PCs with a single keyboard and mouse.

Dell U4021QW Price and Availability 

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The Dell U4021QW is currently available in the market. And it costs about $2,099 / £2,013 / AU$2,438. Dell regularly does online deals on their products, so you might get lucky and have a discount off the starting price, but you should have it in mind that you’ll still pay a lot to get this monitor.


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The Dell U4021QW is undoubtedly a premium monitor in the $2K price range that will work effectively for those who want a large screen real estate and have enough space for a 40” monitor. These are significant productivity work users, not professional gamers, and those that work with colors will probably be in the best position to justify the cost. It also benefits folks living off a higher-end laptop that supports a 5K display because it will decrease the number of wires on your desk, especially if you possess a wireless keyboard and mouse.

But, before you buy it, first consider the room you have, which will set the monitor’s size, then how you will use it (i.e., high frame rates vs. high resolution), and the favor products that have adjustable bases and blue light mitigation functions over monitors that don’t. After you know the right features you need and the size you can comfortably live with, you can go ahead to buy provided you have the money. This 40-inch monitor from Dell is one of the best monitors, and it is suitable for remote work.

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