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Dell Latitude Series – is it truly a productivity hack for small businesses and enterprises?

Today, the youth has been transforming the workplace and things have changed dramatically in last one decade. 

36% millennials think that their home setup is better than the workplace setup. This clearly indicates that businesses need to upgrade the standards of products used in the offices.

Below are a few workplace facts:

The workplace systems (i.e laptops, desktops, and notebooks) play a big role in bringing higher productivity. This eventually impacts business performance to set new standards.

A study shows that the technical sophistication will continue to a greater level and with that new and better machines would be required that supports the environment.

With Dell enterprise series there are four key ways IT leaders can start to scale their transformation.

Most IT departments want to take a safe, control-based approach to management, but a tech transformation can make a better business impact.


Meeting with functional leaders helps IT better understand the tools that will be the greatest benefit to users.


Bringing in new, more powerful tech unlocks a competitive advantage for business and enables users to create better products.


Embracing new technologies can help unlock innovative capabilities of the workforce, leaving both businesses and customers satisfied.   


A partner that understands and provides for an organization’s needs can help transform IT and improve overall productivity.

Let’s look at the latest Dell Latitude 7285

The Dell Latitude series laptops are meant for the new generation workforce. This means the laptops and notebooks are designed for performance, security, flexible and mobile.

The all-new Latitude 7285 – for those who like to keep work in mind

The Dell Latitude 7285 2-in-1 is meant for high performance with low power usage. To keep the low power consumption, Dell had to choose components that use low power, and it is expected that once charged the notebook runs for 23 hours.

Some other features include:

    1. The Dell Latitude 7285 is lean and agile. It weighs less than 2 pounds. The screen size is 31.2cm, which is quite thin.


    1. The Dell Latitude 7285 is a 2-in-1 laptop+notebook. The screen is detachable and can be separated from the keyboard. The machine can be operated in 3 modes i.e. Tent, Laptop, and Tablet. This makes it quite flibible to use.


  1. The Dell Latitude supports an active pen, this gives an experience which is closest to real paper and pen writing.

Dell Latitude is powered by Intel® Core vPro™

Dell’s Latitude is a business laptop and notebook series for new gen small business and enterprises. The new Dell machines are using Intel® Core vPro™ to bring out the best in the class enterprise computing system. Here’s what we know about Intel® Core vPro™.

The Intel® Core vPro™ helps to better collaborate and unlock innovative capabilities of the workforce. Below are a few interesting features:

Ultimate Productivity

The Intel® Core vPro™ is capable of 65%  faster multi-tasking and close to 50% better productivity than any 2013’s workstation.

Great Collaboration

Intel Unite (that utilizes OptiPlex micro form factor system) provides IT managed conference room capabilities that enable faster meeting in a smart workspace and help members in real-time collaboration.

Highly Secured

To reduce software-level attacks, Intel Authenticate and  Dell ControlVault provide a robust multifactor hardware security solution.

Amazingly Flexible

With Intel® Core vPro™ it’s really easy to reach any system, even when out of the band. With the Dell Command, it automatically interrogates and updates the system and without a user knowing much about every driver.

Dell’s Latitude should be the first choice for a smart workplace and will definitely help bring better productivity. To see the Dell Latitude series, follow this link.

Read more to know more about how Dell and Intel are Preparing For The Future of Work.

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