We know about the DDoS attacks, that create the disturbance, any annoy the users. But you will be surprised to know the DDoS attacks can be expensive.

Neustar’s fourth annual reports about the  Worldwide DDoS Attacks and Cyber Insights Research claims the DDocS attacks can cause the loss of revenue from most of the large organizations.

f5ddf7bd97d01d87f4a7985398aea709 L DDoS Attacks cause for the loss of the 2.5 million on average in the organizations total revenue

According to Softpedia report, Barrett Lyon, the Head of Research and Development at Neustar Security Solutions says:

“Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the zeitgeist of today’s Internet. The question organizations must ask now is how they are prepared to manage these highly disruptive events. Are they prepared for the bad day where their customers call and ask why the website is down?”

Moreover, from the report, the number of DDoS attacks are increasing in the large scale, where 50% of the attacks are more or less about 10 gigabits per seconds. While on the other hand, only 15% of the attacks are over there with the least 50 Gbps. The recorded ratio of the attacks is estimating double of the last year recorded ratio.

The research includes the 1,010 organizations and only 849 organizations were hacked. The report didn’t mention the hackers attack the specific industry. It’s not a difficult for a skilled hacker to hack the organization by getting the DDoS attacks. However, the hackers are now hacking all industries.

CvoTzbTWAAAML09 DDoS Attacks cause for the loss of the 2.5 million on average in the organizations total revenue

According to the report, the 43% of organizations lose $2.5 million per hour for the detecting the attacks, while other organizations interview they lose the amount on detecting the attacks for at least 3 hours.

WannaCry Ransomware attacks the Honda production plant in Sayama, Japan, forcing the plant to shut down

Ransomware, the computer malware is becoming common and always found along with the DDoS attacks. Most of the attacks cause the loss or theft of the data. last year, the 53% organization have faced the attacks and almost 51% of them lost the data.