NVIDIA’s most recent GeForce EULA wasn’t enough for the company as they have applied even more implications on the users of their GPUs. The recently released EULA has been credited to give a great loss to the corporate sector and this recent addition of prohibiting GeForce GPUs in data centers has made things even more complex. Nvidia will only be allowing GeForce GPUs for blockchain processing. One of the key reasons that can be seen behind such an intense move, is to increase the Quadro and Tesla sales. Here’s the quote directly from EULA:

No Datacenter Deployment. The SOFTWARE is not licensed for data center deployment, except that blockchain processing in a data center is permitted.

This is like a pre-warning to all those data centers that were planning to deploy GeForce GPUs instead of other stable options available in the market. Now the question is, who is responsible for correctly defining the datacentres? Who knows Nvidia jumps on to ban the usage of GeForce GPUs in every single non-personal usage scenario, including the VMs being run by hosting providers. Sad!

%name Nvidia warns to sue those using GeForce GPUs for Data Centers   Good news for those using it for blockchain processing!

Blockchain Processing Still in The Game

For many, this line itself is a surprising thing to know as there could be multiple reasons for the approval. Using the GeForce GPUs in blockchain processing may not be causing the potential damage to the sectors where Nvidia needs to increase its sales figures so it could be the reason as to why they are still in the game.

For those violating the EULA, Nvidia will be filing lawsuits so all those datacentres that are already using the GeForce GPUs, should immediately switch to the allowed options.

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