dwave 100704405 large D Waves new computer D Wave 2000Q quantum is now released; first Computer sold for $15million

One of the leading company in computing systems and software industry officially announced the release of new D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer. The whole new D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer is now available in market and also sold to a client, Temporal Defense Systems Inc, a cyber security firm. D-Wave 2000Q quantum gives users 2000 qubits and new control features, the new system is now capable of solving more larger problems easily which was difficult to solve by older system. With new and upgraded technology the system gives a big hand towards the production of applications in optimization, sampling and cyber security.

Solving benchmark issues which are possibly not easy and important to real world applications, the D-Wave 2000Q framework beat very particular calculations keep running on cutting edge established servers by factors of 1000 to 10000 circumstances. Included optimization problems and sampling problems closer to machine learning applications. As always D-Wave’s continues multiplying the quantity of qubits on its quantum processing units(QPUs) every two years, which empowers bigger issues to be run, on the ground that expanding the quantity of qubits yields an exponential increment in the measure of the achievable search space.

“D-Wave’s jump from 1000 qubits to 2000 qubits is a big achievement and a vital progress for the developing field of quantum registering,”said Earl Joseph, IDC program VP for high-performance computing.”Only D-Wave is the company which produces a product intended to run quantum computing problems, and those scientist and developers who want to work and use the new revolutionary approach to computing will find the new D-Wave 2000Q system more interesting”.

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D-Wave 2000Q system was tested in different ways:

Screen Shot 2017 01 25 at 10.34.34 AM D Waves new computer D Wave 2000Q quantum is now released; first Computer sold for $15million