A Cyber threats is refer to persons who attempt unauthorized access or to a control system device or network using a data communications pathway.
cyber security Cyber threats of the modern world and how to prevent it
In the last decades we have seen rapid development in technology.Firms cars,phones,Industries ,Government and non government organisation depend on technology.
The number and complexity of cyber security threats has also grown with the time.
Some time  a huge risk and  threat to national security comes from a simple Internet connection
Cyber hazard was discovered through investigation .you may have heard about
North Korea’s The cyber attack on Sony Pictures entertainment when a group hacker calling itself Guardians of Peace leaked data from its computers and disclose emails and personal details of the employ and movie stars.
The latest drama in US politic where American Government and intelligence agency accuses Russia of hacking DNC and Influence the presidential election of 2016.
Small organizations are in a challenging situation when it comes to protect them from the cyber security threat. Many small companies consider themselves to be safe from a hacker target.However, with the mass range of  cyber threats organizations being hit on a daily basis .
To prevent from cyber attack you may consider some of the following suggestion.
A Regular Back up your data will  protect you from ransom ware attacks
Keeping your operating system software up to date
Do not  click suspected or third party emails Links
Do not give out personal information over the phone or in an email .
Authenticate a requests from companies or individuals by contacting them directly

Microsoft Will Not Help The Government To Hack Microsoft Users Accounts