It has been reported that HTC has something special to share with its customers on January 12, 2017 HTC 11 will be a new handset for the customers in coming year. Taiwanese manufacturer has always been poor predictors niche marketeer.The scenario has been shifted from launch to delay because of unstructured problems.up till now main reason of delay is company lacks in sales force.It doesn’t means that company will sell its smartphone business perhaps it will shift for whole product manufacturing business, release of HTC 11 has not been cancel yet but it has been delayed to the late months of 2017. Original Design manufacturing is profitable and cost effective model for the product.

header After Customer Electronic show it is  predicted  Flagship of HTC 11 may delay due to restructuring
Design of HTC 11

A good example of company production ability is Google pixel smartphones and HTc Bolt company manufactured that launched achieved a good market success and set standard for original design manufacturing.That’s why we’re already looking forward to what’s coming next out of HTC HQ. The circulating rumors  have been comparatively disappointing when it comes to HTC 11 rumors, so we are not clear up til now . But there is plenty of educated guesswork are hopeful about the HTC 11 launch in next year.If we give a look to previous launch history of HTC we can clearly predict that quite possible there is flagship ceremony of HTC 11.

01 HTC 11 After Customer Electronic show it is  predicted  Flagship of HTC 11 may delay due to restructuring
Expected device HTC 11

  1. HTC 10 –        April 12, 2016
  2. HTC One M9 – March 1, 2015
  3. HTC One M8 – March 25, 2014
  4. HTC One M7 – February 19, 2013

The company sent out teaser to invite potential customers and investors unfortunately its too early to give the final opinion about release.Very often there is no leak about price but in past trend HTC phones don’t comes in cheap price similarly now the the price will be on past trends and it may market competitive with other giant cellular products.Finally it is hoped that flagship of HTC 11 is in second or third quarter of 2017 as company is changing its manufacturing policies and trying to build the products on its on.

Another Flagship May Be Launched By HTC Smartphone With Snapdragon 835 in The Year Of 2017, Next Generation Variant Arrival