According to the latest reports, it looks like the custom variants of the Vega lineup will further get delayed. This includes the custom variants of AMD Radeon VEGA 64, that are set to arrive somewhere in the month of October. While for the custom variants of AMD Radeon VEGA 56, the wait is even longer and might come later on.

ROG STRIX RXVEGA64 O8G GAMING Custom Variants Of Both The AMD VEGA 64 & 56 Will Arrive Starting October

Till now we have only seen Asus announce its custom RX VEGA 64 variant. That is set to arrive soon and will be given to the reviewers first. Though we won’t be able to get our hands on one, till October. Same goes for the Asus RX VEGA 56 variant, which for now have no reported availability month. Normally things aren’t this bad, but the recent mining trend have made an impact on the GPU market. Reason being why there is a shortage in the supply of both the AMD RX VEGA 64 and 56.

Usually it only takes around 2 months for AIB partners to bring their custom variants to the market. Though due to the shortage and low production from AMD, AIB partners aren’t able to mass produce. This also puts the end user at risk as well, because even when the custom variants of AMD VEGA comes out, they will either get sold out or get sold at a higher price than the MSRP.

ASUS ROG STRX VEGA64 3 Custom Variants Of Both The AMD VEGA 64 & 56 Will Arrive Starting October

The custom variants of the AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 from Asus were expected to arrive with the reference Radeon RX VEGA 56. But that no longer seems to be the case. While Sapphire is also expected to launch its custom Vega offerings next month. Aside from that AMD also made a statement saying they are working on the current shortage of their Vega. Though we haven’t seen any results from the company yet. As the market is still filled with both the reference Vega 64 and 56. That are either out of stock or are being sold with a hefty price tag.

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