If you are a CS:GO and PUBG fan at the same time, then this might surprise you a bit. PUBG being one of the most-played games of 2017 is in everyone’s memory so it won’t be hard for you to figure out that CS:GO’s new survival mode is almost like what we see in PUBG.

pubg android 1513582309943 Have you noticed something interesting about the all new CS:GOs Survival Mode? Youll probably figure it out if you are a regular PUBG gamer!

Valve’s FPS Games

CS:GO revamped the Counter-Strike scene with its amazingly improved graphics and the never-ending list of add-ons. Moreover, the game has been reported to be affecting the player base of PUBG, so this probably adds up the crisp.

CS:GO’s Survival Mode

Speaking specifically of ‘CS:GO’s Survival Mode’, several gamers have noticed that in some of the CS:GO patches dating back to even May 2016, were references to all sorts of PUBG-like content for CS:GO. Here’s a video by VNN in which they have pointed out some of them.

The content and features that aren’t found in CS:GO at the moment include:

  • Unarmed combat
  • Light and heavy armor
  • Compound bows
  • Unreleased island map
  • Supply Crates
  • New grenades
  • NVGs
  • Adrenaline shots
  • Sonar
  • Parachutes and drones
  • Breach charges
  • Beacons

So if you are a PUBG player, CS:GO’s Survival Mode is a must try!

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