Crytek seems all surrounded by worries and tensions as just the closing down of the company wasn’t enough. After the news of an ex-employee suing the company for not clearing his dues, we are here with another controversy. Star Citizen developers, Cloud Imperium Games, and Roberts Space Industries started a legal battle against Crytek for misusing the CryEngine.

New UI 4 Cryteks legal battle continues as the lawsuit filed by Star Citizen gets complex

The Controversy

In the list of lawyers of this case, we have:

  • Ortwyn Freyermuth, Co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG)
  • Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
  • Wing Commander veteran Chris Roberts

Carl Jones is the lawyer who represented Crytek at the time of negotiations but after the fiasco, he went on to work with the Star Citizen teams. After a lot of advancements, now we are here watching both CIG and RSI adamantly denying the allegations and plan to defend against them rigorously.

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