The cryptocurrency boom is on the other side of the graph these days but the news related to it are still taking over the international news. ‘Cryptojacking’ – hacking the major cryptocurrency exchanges – is increasing every passing day and according to the latest facts and figures, the crypto jacking has increased by up to 1189% in the year’s first quarter.

monero cryptojacking cryptocurrency bitcoin 750x400 Cryptojacking increases by 1189% in the year’s first quarter! McAfee unveils some astonishing facts!

After all the drama of graphics cards getting wiped away from the market just because of a fad that had made the world mad, these increasing cases of crypto jacking are pretty much disappointing. Even the figures have surpassed to that of ransomware attacks. Raj Samani, the chief scientist at McAfee explains:

Attackers targeting cryptocurrencies may be moving from ransomware to coin miner malware, which hijacks systems to mine for cryptocurrencies and increase their profits. Coin miner malware grew a stunning 629% to more than 2.9 million known samples in Q1 from almost 400,000 samples in Q4. This suggests that cybercriminals are warming to the prospect of monetizing infections of user systems without prompting victims to make payments, as is the case with popular ransomware schemes.

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