Cryptocurrency mining has become an industry with probably the fastest ever growth and likewise, the tasks related to it have been expanded on such a scale that we literally don’t have an idea what to expect next. North Korea being in the headlines for the all the bad reasons, has now come up with another unpleasant news. The North Korean hackers have been found targeting cryptocurrency industry workers.

BitCoin Being The Target

usebitcoin 4096x2253 North Korean hackers found attacking crypto experts from across the world   Bitcoin is the primary target!

The hackers are in pursuit of getting some of the Bitcoins through unfair means and here’s how. The hackers trick the miners to open a Word document in their system and enable the editing mode. If the crypto expert is dumb enough to open such untrusted Word file, his PC becomes affected with a PC-hijacking trojan.

Hackers Are On This Before People Even Knew It…

According to SecureWorks, the North Korean hackers have been after the crypto experts since 2016 and at the current time when BTC is ripping off the USD, this cyber attack is affecting them the most.

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