Project CSX was a very nice idea. Making the smartphone community engaged is a good idea and innovative to the people and gather good people around each other, outside-the-box ideas for mobile devices along the way. In a sense, the project was ZTE’s make the project to gather the smartphone community of young companies e.g one plus and started for the well.

eu comp council 2 Crowdsourced Phone Kickstarter Campaign Kills By ZTE
Image source: ZTE

But now things are getting apart from joining step by stipend now ZTE’s is putting the skids on its crowdfunding campaign, did the score just north of $36,000 of its lofty $500,000 goal. The cpm any reported it on its Kickstarter page, and will reported end of the campaign.

it is not a surprise. Many number of attempts trump up the excitement, ZTE didn’t even move a needle. Issues are getting pointed out as low as the voting stage,

Those who are specially belong from the marketing department and their mind set are according to the market — but they boost the morale of working on something new so that they can do better for the people. After attempting to foster early on better than the project that would become Hawk eye.

d29f1716e17b5c266294a752f3affeac original 1 Crowdsourced Phone Kickstarter Campaign Kills By ZTE
Image source: Crowdsourced Phone Kickstarter Campaign Kills By ZTE

The crowdfunding thing slip out of the gate, as ZTE did not announce much in the way of features, No doubt they shrink many other multiple announcements towards its goal when it ultimately announced things got un inspiring. The company apologised for the whole wrong things they did and asked from their users that they should tell them one or two more features to make it more attractive mobile.

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That was January 23. The campaign was hovering around $35,000 at the time. From the looks of it, things didn’t improve much after that.