More and more Apple-Microsoft cross-platform joint venture reports pouring in as the Build Conference for 2017 continues. We are witnessing the two companies working together in a close relationship more than ever. One of the recent updates from the event states that Windows Store will support the iTunes. According to another latest reveal, Microsoft’s popular tool Clipboard is now supported by iPhone too. The company states that you can copy a document from Clipboard on a Windows PC and paste it on an iPhone or an Android phone.

Swiftkey Keyboard In The Business

pic 181 Build 2017 Update: Microsofts Clipboard will now allow you to paste a document from a Windows PC to an iPhone

Uncovering this feature at the Build conference in Seattle, Microsoft claimed that after experimenting much in this regard, the company has decided to provide the support for the cloud-powered clipboard to use it across the platform for iOS and Android devices. To put it in simple words, you can copy a content from an app and paste it on mobile devices like iPhones or Android handsets. This is achievable by the use of Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard. Previously, Apple provided the same functionality but only for the Apple devices. Now, the content copied using the Swiftkey Keyboard can be pasted to an iPhone or Android phone.

Future Plans

Microsoft’s additional support of Clipboard for iOS and Android is the part of the company’s plans to focus on cross-platform services. This clearly means that Apple will extend its relationship with Microsoft in other ventures bringing more valuable products and services. Also, we’ll get to see more and more apps and services of Apple running on Microsoft’s platforms and vice versa.

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