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Creative Director 343i’s; Xbox Scorpio Being Beefier Than we Expected, Project Scorpio Spotted.

Creative Director 343i's Xbox Scorpio

Frank O’Connor, Development director on the Halo Franchise, 343 Industries, Shared an interesting tidbit keeping in mind Microsoft upcoming Xbox Scorpio. Last week, at AMD’s CES 2017 Ryzen/Vega Booth Microsoft project Scorpio was spotted. While it was uncertain that this actually had to do something with the Scorpio structure, but it is sure fueled speculation, including a burly discussion on the NEOGAF forums.

Xbox Scorpio is yet to be detailed by Microsoft and so far the company has confirmed 8-core CPU with 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and computing power of 6 teraflops. More leaked news will be revealed later on this year but in the NEOGAF link mentioned above, Frank O’Connor, 343 industries, let slips an riveting Scorpio tidbit.

while I probably “know” that I might see it in a slide, it’s literally not something I have to think about now, actually couldn’t remember whatever specifications I have been exposed to even if I was tortured. I literally could not leak or answer a question that went beyond “Does it support that?, Can I do this? How many of these could it render?”

While there is not much to go by, though O’Connor writes about the Xbox Scorpio, he remembers to be “beefier” than he expected. Use of the term Beefier could relate to the console hardware specification, can also refer to the console’s physical dimensions. Regrettably, he did not clarify about his wordings. So, it is a pure speculation on what he was referring to. Lately, marketing manager of Microsoft Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, fueled up the Scorpio hype by stating that 2017 will be the year of “project scorpioAcer announces to join the Microsoft’s Windows 10 S for its B1, available for $299


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