While it’s a dependable fact that PS3 and PS4 controllers work with practically zero bother on the PC, the Xbox One controller has been marginally more subtle. The hold up is at long last over and you can now utilize your Xbox One controller with a PC by downloading the drivers from Major Nelson’s site.

XBox One 35657846 09 Courtesy Of Major Nelson, Xbox One Controller PC Drivers Are Now In The Market For Download
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While the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers will take a shot at any regular Windows 7/Windows 8 gadget with almost no inconvenience, the Xbox One was still unsupported, until today. It was just a couple of minutes back that Major Nelson redesigned his official website with download connections to the PC drivers that will empower players to have the capacity to interface their Xbox Controllers to a Windows 7/8 gadget as appeared in the photo above and prepare to begin playing their most loved recreations with their enhanced controllers. So in the event that you have been needing to purchase another Xbox One Controller then no time is superior to the present!!

You can download the Xbox One Controller PC Drivers underneath:

So in the event that you are anything like the Major, you will exploit these drivers and set yourself up to play the Halo amusements yet again on your Windows 7/8 gadget. Corona 2 is a diversion that may not be the rockstar of the arrangement but rather playing the amusement with the assistance of the Xbox One controller certainly warrants a replay, If you are available too you can entertain yourself with some Halo:

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2d0gifq Courtesy Of Major Nelson, Xbox One Controller PC Drivers Are Now In The Market For Download
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Combat Evolved and be prepared for Halo declarations at the up and coming E3 gathering, Let’s expectation more declarations desire Microsoft reporting PC recreations to Steam now that Games for Windows Live is authoritatively dead and covered and now the structure for the present recreations is being worked towards conveying the amusements over to Steam works with Fable Anniversary being the first to do as such.

So what diversion would you say you will play first on the PC with your new Xbox One Controller! Maybe Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, GTA 4, One of the Street Fighter Games, Mortal Kombat, Injustice? These are just a couple of the many amusements that can exploit the Xbox One Controller.