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Some overclocking benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming Core i7-7740X


Looking for the perfect overclocking partner? Leaks regarding the upcoming Intel Core i7 7740X suggest this could be the best find. The Kaby Lake-X Core i7 is planned to be released very soon but the 5.0GHz overclock news has got us in surprise. Thanks to Videocardz, they somehow managed to get the details in the guide and have revealed some of the parts of the overclocking section.

The Results

The results are amazing as expected. For the testing purpose, 100 Core i7 7740X sampleswere taken to the testing lab where they were tested so that nothing remains ambiguous. A good number of them hit the 5.0GHz mark at 1.205V. Others reached the level at an increased voltage of 1.341V.

The Winners and The Losers

Winners of the race were a few which managed to hit the 5.3GHz mark with the voltage set on an ever high note. To take out the average, around 53 percent of the test samples were able to hit 5.2GHz at 1.346V. Also, a number of mid-range samples hit the 5.0GHz mark at 1.215 volts.

There was a worst case scenario too where a fraction of chips hit the 5.1GHz mark at 1.411V. A 5.0Ghz overclock on a poor OC chip took 1.341V.

Results Are Not Final

As you already know that this test was conducted only on 100 samples leaving behind a good number of other pieces out there. So the results have got a tendency to be challenged as soon as the tech enthusiasts get their hands on the processors.


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