Do you want your RX480 to be a RX 580? 

You are in luck because there’s a user by the screen name of Tony Bon Jovi who successfully flashed his XFX RX 480 to a Sapphire RX 580. From one brand to another if there’s any confusion whether RX 580 is a new GPU architecture it’s not.

It’s a re-brand of RX 480 based on the Polaris architecture. This is the very reason why the RX 480 can be flashed to a new firmware based on the RX 580. It’s because they have the same specifications and the same architecture.

6 28 Convert Your AMD Radeon RX 480 To RX 580 For Free With A BIOS Flash

The only difference here is the RX 580 has a higher clock and draws more power. So if you do flash it to from RX 480 you are going to see that your card will run at higher clock, it’s going to generate more heat and it’s going to pull in more power.

But Why do it? 

8 14 Convert Your AMD Radeon RX 480 To RX 580 For Free With A BIOS Flash

The benefit of flashing the RX 480 firmware to RX 580 is that it unlocks any artificial overclocking, the limitation set by the RX 480 firmware. On the RX 580 firmware the BIOS has higher voltage settings that you can use when you overclock.

But, be aware of flashing the GPU though because you run the risk of bricking your RX 480 so, remember to back up your firmware with a tool like GPU-Z and then also just make sure you run if you do, do the flashing. Make sure you read up on it because it’s not something simple.

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