19 2 MIDiA Research Group: Content for Xbox One X is very important and its crucial that the console will sell well

There’s an article on Wccftech and they are talking about an interview with Karol Severin from MIDiA Research Group and he’s talking about new Xbox One X console. They shared the trendy topics i.e: Xbox One X price, low number of AAA exclusive titles and the recently released Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

It is undeniable that the Xbox One X is the most powerful console right now but that doesn’t mean it’s going to sell more just because it has good specs. People don’t spend their money just so that they could have good specs. They spend their money on that console which has more games because after all games sell hardware. And this is what MIDiA Research Group believes too. Xbox One X will face sales problems if they don’t do anything about their lack of games specially AAA games.

“I agree that this could be an issue,” MIDiA’s Karol Severin, Lead Analyst, said in an interview with WCCFTech. “Much like with VR, content is King. Consoles don’t sell themselves because of tech specs – consoles sell because of the games catalogues they enable consumers to enjoy. If that doesn’t match consumer expectations, the product won’t be successful.”

Content is important because why would anyone spend even $100 for a console that doesn’t have any games. However, the fact that they are referring to the content that Xbox One X may have issues in selling and they sort of suggest because of lack of content.

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