Ranked by Owner satisfaction, Car Brands released a Report of consumer released in 2016 through an analysis of over 300,000 vehicles from the survey annually. Again Tesla topped the list with the 91% of owners saying that they love to buy that again – notably way more than the Brand on the second position known as Porsche, way out in front of the 70`s with 84%. Reports of consumers gave a short detail of its approach behind the ranking.

“The ranking of our brand represents the owner`s point of view across product line of each Brand. ( Satisfaction of model is determined by the %age of the owners who responded “Yes definitely” to the question been asked of whether to buy the same vehicle if they had to do it all over again for that). Brand love to be determined or Disdain, we have taken a straight average of the satisfactory score of each of the brand`s model being developed. In order to be qualified for that, brand had to have at least two models with the data.
We focused on cars from models for this analysis years 2014-2017 to regard the present state of the brands which included over 300,000 vehicles from the given survey.”

Here are 10 best brands being ranked and would buy again by the percentage: 1) Tesla 91%, 2) Porsche 84%, 3) Audi 77%, 4) Subaru 76%, 5) Toyota 76%, 6) Honda 75%, 7) Mazda 74%, 8) Chrysler 73%, 9) Chevrolet 73%, 10) Lexus 73%

You can see the full list on the website of Consumer reports. Consumer reports and Tesla have been having a hate-love relationship over the last two years. The review of the product on the magazine said that the Model S was stated as the best car they ever tested and in last year they announced that the P85D was so good that it scored 103 out of 100 and the rating system had to be modified because of that. But the magazine stopped recommending the Model S because it was scored below average on it survey.

Rolling Out of The Latest Autopilot Update for Tesla has Began For the Newer Models Being Manufactured

Tesla CEO Elon Musk looked at the twitter quickly to defend his company and said to them that the issues have been mostly highlighted and addressed by the consumer reports own survey, Model S owners as per the research 97% said that they would definitely buy it again. Confirms that the Model S re earned the consumer reports suggestions on improved reliability in the month of October.

But the magazine and Tesla are still at the odds on other issues. Called by the Consumer Reports Tesla need to disable the Autopilot and change the name of the system being used, Something Tesla is from the start refuse to do.


tesla Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction ranking again, Tesla Crushes it again, 91% of the users will buy again.via: www.autoblog.com

This company is related to energy and transportation. Tesla Motors stationary battery pack and division pack for home, utility scale and commercial projects are been done under “Tesla Energy” division

Tesla Model S

section initial Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction ranking again, Tesla Crushes it again, 91% of the users will buy again.via: www.tesla.com
The Model S of Tesla is basically an all electric luxury sedan and basically the first vehicle been developed from the ground up by Tesla. The roadster Tesla was the first being developed by them. But it was on chassis by Lotus.

Tesla Model X

2016 tesla model s 19 of 43 1 Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction ranking again, Tesla Crushes it again, 91% of the users will buy again.
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The Model X of Tesla is the all electric first ever SUV and the Second vehicle released on Tesla`s second generation platform.