Stressed that somebody may take your AirPods? Fear not, there’s a straightforward trap turning into a web sensation that’ll help you keep your prized ownership from continually getting stolen. There are numerous things out there which criminals will never at any point consider putting their hands on, for example, dental floss. If you don’t know already the AirPods’ Charging Case looks very much like dental floss. So if you happen to slap a creditable dental floss brand’s sticker on your AirPods’ case, you’ll wind up with something that looks shockingly genuine, guarding your AirPods frame from prying eyes.

Hold up, you don’t need to rip off a sticker from a dental floss pack. You can basically go to Etsy and get one for your AirPods. We are not making this up by any means. Click on this link and check it out.

2017 01 03 04.39.21 am Conceal your Airpods as this to keep them from getting stolen

Every sticker will cost you $4.99. While not inexpensive, but rather it’s customized to be smacked onto an AirPods’ case. In the event that you ever left your ‘dental floss’ case on, suppose, a Starbucks table, who in the world would want to bring it with them?

If you are eager on picking one of these stickers, you can make a beeline for Etsy immediately. Although, you do have the choice of ripping off an old sticker from some place to use on the AirPods. Lay all other choices on the table before going separate ways with your money.

The AirPods are pretty darn costly, yet the cost is rationalized to some degree when you consider the measure of innovation Apple has loaded in them. Aside from that, the possibility to lose one earpiece is also high. This is an issue I’m sure many individuals will see as genuine. Also, it’s not a bargain to get a substitution earpiece as Apple will charge you $69 for it. So if it’s not too much trouble when you are out on the town, don’t depend totally on stickers and different means, watch out for your ownership. There’s a considerable measure that can happen in the event that you hint at lack of regard for your pricey materials.

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