While the companies will be showcasing their mid-range tech productions at the upcoming Computex, Intel is ready to steal the show! How? With these 2 flagship offerings:

  • Coffee Lake-based 8C/16T processor
  • Z390 chipset

We have thoroughly discussed the Z390 previously and it’s time to know more of the new 8C/16T variant of Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs. These 8C/16T processors are ready to rock n roll the world of enthusiast-level processors as they are even better than the Core i7-8700K!

pic 2 Intel’s 8C/16T Coffee Lake based processors to give a tough time to Core i7 8700K processors

The previous flagship offering by Intel, Core i7-8700K is a 6C/12T gaming focused processor which still outperforms most of its competitors in numbers. On the other hand, this 8C/16T processor is here to challenge AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700.

What adds more to the fact that Intel will be releasing the next-gen Coffee Lake variants is that SiSoft’s benchmark database is showing an unnamed chip running at 2.6GHz with 8 cores in tow.

While this is actually a very exciting news for us to anticipate for, there is one big issue with it. Keeping in mind the track record of Intel, it wouldn’t be wrong to estimate that Intel can make these processors exclusive for its upcoming Z390 chipsets! This can mean increased business for Intel but it would yet another financial dent for those waiting for the latest technology to arrive.

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