If you have got bored with all the Battleground and Fortnite craze for the last 2 years, it’s time to look elsewhere around. The ‘not-so-old’ title in terms of popularity, GTA V now has a “Battle Royale” mod in it.

Complex Control

Thanks to the game modding community, this mod has been created by modder ‘Theaetik.’ After the mod release, Grand Theft Auto V is now a single-player Battle Royale shooter on the PC.

Theaetik has promised “high replayability and variety… it feels as though there’s always something new to experience every run” in the game.

What’s In The Mod?

To name a few things about this new version, you get:

  • A large 70 characters set
  • Color-matched weapons and vehicles for having an eye on the OCD
  • Controlling, and surviving the deadly zone of AI controlled enemies parachuting from the sky or driving to mow you down

For the players, almost 50 abilities have been released and those too with cooldowns. Also, a pre-made set of characters is ready to rock the game with its own abilities, vehicles, and weapons.

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