Samsung have been trying to get thinner and lighter as they have done so remarkable engineering tactics over the years in their launches. The trend seems to continue with Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. According to the newly leaked dimensions, base model for Galaxy S8 will come in a thinner and tad shorter than Galaxy S7, which is already said to be sleek enough for our taste. The harsh render used to delineate the gadget appears to demonstrate a similar high screen-to-body proportion that we’ve caught wind of and seen in gathered spilled pictures of the gadget, as well, so you won’t need to trade off any permeability and usable show area with the change.

This story is said to be a little different for the bigger cousin though, with Galaxy S8 Edge stretching things out by a close margin. Additionally, the screen-to-body ratio might be quite high if rough sketches are anything to go by. What would make us really happy though as if Samsung could pull this off without risking anyone`s wellbeing in the process

New Features Been Revealed About the Samsung Galaxy S8 With Image Leaks, On screen Controls and Change of Icons