Commidore 64 was an old computer which was launched in 1982. This old version was sold over 17 million dollar now its new mini model is coming back and would be launched in 2018 expecting.

the old version was sold in $1500 bt its new model will be price $70 only n this model is named as C64 mini. The company also started work on full-size of the new model but it would b launched after 2018.

The c64 mini is half of the old version in size and it has preinstall licensed games in which california game,speedball 2, and paradroid are included.

In its accessory wired joystick, a charging cable and HDMI port are included.through HDMI you can connect it with your t.v.

It have many features like u can connect extra usb,help in storing games, having also some filtring option like CRT, through extrnal usb the firmware of the C64 mini can enhanced.
So guys are u excited for this mini C64?

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