ISIS has been using various retaliatory measures to drive Iraqi and international forces out of Mosul, which is in terrorists’ hands since 2014. However, their recent attention to using drones as a weapon to terrorise civilians as well as forces has generated a wave of fear among all.


It is long known that Iraqi forces have been using this drone technology for locating the terrorists hideouts.

It really worked well to gain them a clear edge over the miscreants. However, it was never expected that such a tactic would hit back so roughly.

ISIS weaponizes these quadcopters with hand-made weapons that have an ability to drop grenade-size explosives on public and military gathering.

Screenshot 29 Commercial drones as exploding drones   ISIS new deadly weapon


Earlier, vehicles were being used for such a strike that would drive into any assembly to create a massacre. However, the forces became familiar with it and adopted countermeasures that would reduce the vehicle speed to a detectable level.  

Sources report that ISIS has been using drones as deadly weapons since long, however, their switch to quadcopters is an alarm for more severe countermeasures.

Screenshot 30 Commercial drones as exploding drones   ISIS new deadly weapon


Rudaw, a Kurdish media network, reported that these weapons have killed numerous civilians in various droppings; however, luckily, they have not yet used it to deliver chemical weapons.

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