Since Coffeelake processors are using LGA1151 pin layout, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the layout is same as that of Kabylake. The fact is that Intel has added more VSS (ground) and VCC (power) pins for the latest Coffeelake processors. Enthusiasts expecting it to be same as that of Kaby Lake will be disappointed as the layout becomes visible now.

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Here’s the updated VSS and VCC features list:

  • VSS: 377 -> 391 (+14)
  • VCC: 128 -> 146 (+18)
  • RSVD: 46 ->25

Why This?

Intel justifies this act of modifying the pin layout because of the power delivery optimization. The mistake on Intel’s side was the renaming of the new layout as it could have been rebranded as LGA1151v2. For those raising questions about the RSVD (reserved) LGA1151 pins in Coffeelake processors may have got the answers now!

LGA1151 changes More VSS (ground) and VCC (power) pins in Coffeelake processors makes its layout a bit different from that of Kabylake

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