The real weird thing about Intel is the fact they are releasing Coffee Lake S with up to 6 cores. It looks like the processor launch is going to take place around August. It’s not too long if you think about it we are already very much in the end of May. So, the new information here is that basically this particular platform is going to be launching on the Coffee lake PCH also known as said 370 chipset.

1 9 Coffee Lake To Get 6 Core and 4 Core CPUs and Different Socket

It’s going to be using an LGA 1151 V2 socket, and in terms of pin count it’s going to be identical to an LGA 1151 aka the same thing on the SkyLake or KabyLake platform. But it looks like Intel are offering a cleared elimination here, the V2 sticker so, consumer don’t end up buying other one. And what’s going to happen if you put an a Coffee Lake CPU into a KabyLake motherboard or vice versa, is it going to explode? we don’t know.

Moving away from speculation, we have an increase in the core count. We have got 6 cores compared to the mainstream of 4. I think it’s about time we see that move from Intel. It’s about time we see 6 cores to the mainstream. In fact it could actually put Intel in a very good position and it might make AMD sweat a little bit because AMD do have this additional 2 cores but if Intel can be rather aggressive with the clock speed let’s say it can hit about 4.5 ghz that is rather different from what Ryzen can hit. Ryzen can hit about 3.8, 4.2 and that is also depending on cooler. This is really good win for Intel.

To provide the Coffee Lake users with a better chipset option, Intel is preparing the high-end Z390 chipsets

8 52 Coffee Lake To Get 6 Core and 4 Core CPUs and Different Socket

The other major thing is that Intel, it’s a rumor from what we can understand, will be making i5 models to be the first with full SMT support. That means Hyper threading will mean that we have 8 cores which is really cool. That is an absolutely great upgrade from the current i5 where you have got just 4 cores and 4 threads. This is probably a real demonstration that Intel are definitely taking Ryzen quite seriously and one of the things that AMD have used in their marketing literature constantly, that if you have spent X amount on buying Intel i5 CPU which only has 4 cores and 4 threads, you can spend that amount of money on Ryzen 5 and will get 12 threads.

Intel Coffee Lake S Mainstream Desktop Family:

Coffee Lake S Series Cores Threads L3 Cache Integrated Graphics Socket Chipset
Intel Core i7 6 Cores 12 Threads 12 MB L3 Intel GT2 LGA 1151 V2 Z370 (300 Series)
Intel Core i5 4 Cores 8 Threads 8 MB L3 Intel GT2 LGA 1151 V2 Z370 (300 Series)
Intel Core i3 4 Cores 4 Threads 4 MB L3 Intel GT2 LGA 1151 V2 Z370 (300 Series)
Intel Pentium 2 Cores 4 Threads 4/3 MB L3 Intel GT2/GT1 LGA 1151 V2 300 Series (CFL-PCH)
Intel Celeron 2 Cores 2 Threads 2 MB L3 Intel GT1 LGA 1151 V2 300 Series (CFL-PCH)

via: Wccftech

Intel 10nm CPUs To Launch by Q1 2018

Last thing supposedly there’s been announcement that Intel are moving towards 10nm CPU’s and that’s going to happen by Q1 2018 and that is pretty much all we know. It’s supposed to be for Intel Cannon-lake CPU but there’s no information other than that.

AMD To Soon Go Into Their 7nm Manufacturing Process For Both CPU And GPU