If you are eagerly waiting for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you ain’t alone. As a matter of slight disappointment, the COD: Black Ops 4’s upcoming battle royale mode ‘Blackout’ might be frame rate capped to 120FPS on the PC as it was done at its launch. To give you a relief, the publishers have said that there will be an uncap to 144FPS “as soon as the servers are stable” and a total removal of the frame cap in the days post-launch/.

cod black ops 4 1 660x330 COD: Black Ops 4 frame rate capped to 120FPS for PC at the launch event!

The normal multiplayer and zombies modes in COD: Black Ops 4 will be uncapped at launch, so if you have a 144/165/240Hz monitor you will not have a problem. At launch, we will start Blackout with a 120fps cap on PC Ensure the moment the game launches that it has high stability for every player Raise to 144fps as soon as the servers are stable and assuming all looks good, enable uncapped framerates within the first few days (Zombies and Multiplayer modes will be uncapped starting immediately on day 1). This is the right plan to ensure a smooth, playable game for the whole community out of the gate.

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