Looking more like a high-tech fighter than a light plane designed for private use, the Valkyrie from Cobalt aircraft has just been launched
1 Cobalts Valkyrie new plan

With a canard front wing, sleek aerodynamic shape and a turbocharged 350 hp (260 kW) engine, the new Valkyrie is claimed to be capable of traveling at speeds up to 260 knots
2 Cobalts Valkyrie new plan

The newly-launched Valkyrie is sure to appeal to millionaire playboys looking to satisfy their inner Batman
3 Cobalts Valkyrie new plan

The Valkyrie is claimed to be able to cover more than 1,400 nautical miles (1,600 mi/2,590 km) at 220 knots (253 mph/407 km/h)
4 Cobalts Valkyrie new plan

Standard with retractable landing-gear, the Valkyrie models also come with an optional extra in the form of a rescue parachute
5 Cobalts Valkyrie new plan

5G Network Technology pushed towards testing phase for the deployment in early 2020